About me

Hi, my name is Julia Real and I am a visual artist, designer, singer-songwriter, actress and photographer as I am double majoring in Media and Communications and Theatre. I also recently returned from studying physical theatre at the¬†Accademia Dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy. Outside of class, I am currently serving as the president of Women’s Ensemble and I am a member of ODK . In my spare time, I also make and sell original artwork as well as write my own songs. Working on several different things at the same time can be tough, but over the past few years at Muhlenberg College, I have fine-tuned my time management skills and found ways to let all my interests interact in a sensible way so I can create things that engage and inspire others without burning myself out. Something important that I have learned is to take one thing at a time and to let others into my creative world, as people are never as judgmental as I think they are. So hey, here I am, the door is wide open, come on in!